Drive on a Legend With Mickey Thompson Tires

Mickey Thompson Tires have fueled the passions of aggressive drivers and those who have a need for speed around the globe for decades. Mickey Thompson tires are built tough and to withstand a variety of road conditions and rugged terrains. The passion behind a tire legend runs deep and you know you are driving with the best tire on the market today when fit your ride with a set of Mickey Thompson tires. From the street to the strip and off road adventures, Mickey Thompson tires can withstand miles of wear and perform like a true champion till the very end.

Street Tires – Are made with the everyday driver in mind who needs peace of mind with driving confidence and has a passion for the road. The durable tread and sipe design creations are made to handle a variety of road and weather conditions with the proven performance that only Mickey can deliver. Tight curves demand a tire that can hug the road and when you need speed and endurance to make your destination, Mickey Thompson tires are the tires you can count on to deliver the performance you desire on the road.

Truck and Off – Road Tires – The drive to find the rugged terrains and the power to master them is achieved when you are driving on a set of Mickey Thompson tires. The truck tire series is breed with the innovation of a stallion but delivers like a bull. The rugged tread design and lug patterns will master the terrain while advanced engineering concepts will deliver you upon the road in quiet and smooth comfort. From road to job site and the next rugged trail you desire to explore, they all can be mastered with the legend in tires, Mickey Thompson.

Strip Tires – With the s design of soft rubber compounds and technically engineered sidewalls, you will get a perfect green light start every time and deliver record breaking speeds down the track when you use racing tires. Their valuable drag strip reputation has left so many in the dust, all racers look to these to get the most out of there racer and perform with ultimate speed and precision. The racing concepts behind Thompson’s tires have built the legend of being the king of racing in the tire industry and a new series of street legal DOT approved racing tires are now available for your street rod. You can drive your racer to the track and still break the local track records when you fit your ride with Mickey Thompson tires.