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Excavators spend the day carrying out heavy duty tasks such as digging trenches or picking up materials. Demolition is an even more demanding task, although it has the advantage of being stationary in one place, the swing of the machine house and movement of the arm and boom is hard work for the excavator. Tracking what the wear is like on the undercarriage, even though this type of machine sits in one place, is still important in your maintenance plan.

Check the wear on the machine’s undercarriage with a daily visual inspection of the tracks. Depending on what your excavator is used for, the tracks may need to be replaced simply because of old age, but it could also be due to a variety of other reasons which will be touched upon in this article.

A daily inspection of the track will prevent failure. The operator should start the working day walking around the machine and examining the track. They should be looking for any cuts or tears on the track and also any indication that steel imbeds are showing. If these things are not spotted quickly, moisture or contamination could get into the track which will lead to failure of the part. If this happens the potential downtime of the machine could be worse than what it originally needed to be. When replacing the part, it is important that you purchase a high quality replacement, so that the machine lasts longer before the wear part needs replacing again.

Another thing the operator should be checking on the track is the tensioning; it should be fitted not too tight and too loose. To find out what is the right tension range, they should refer to the operation and maintenance manual.

As well as the track, the undercarriage components need inspecting. Although, daily inspection is generally too excessive, operators should regularly monitor it so that any problems are identified at an early stage. Components that should be checked include; idlers, sprockets and rollers. Idlers and rollers are permanently sealed making it hard to see any wear. Something to look for is moisture or fluid which may be leaking around the seal indicating a failure. If this happens, then you should replace the damaged wear part. In order to check the wear on the sprocket look at the teeth which should have a rounded end, if it has been worn out it would be more pointed. It is particularly important that you check this as you do not want to fix a new track onto a bad sprocket as it will accelerate the new tracks failure.

Drive on a Legend With Mickey Thompson Tires

Mickey Thompson Tires have fueled the passions of aggressive drivers and those who have a need for speed around the globe for decades. Mickey Thompson tires are built tough and to withstand a variety of road conditions and rugged terrains. The passion behind a tire legend runs deep and you know you are driving with the best tire on the market today when fit your ride with a set of Mickey Thompson tires. From the street to the strip and off road adventures, Mickey Thompson tires can withstand miles of wear and perform like a true champion till the very end.

Street Tires – Are made with the everyday driver in mind who needs peace of mind with driving confidence and has a passion for the road. The durable tread and sipe design creations are made to handle a variety of road and weather conditions with the proven performance that only Mickey can deliver. Tight curves demand a tire that can hug the road and when you need speed and endurance to make your destination, Mickey Thompson tires are the tires you can count on to deliver the performance you desire on the road.

Truck and Off – Road Tires – The drive to find the rugged terrains and the power to master them is achieved when you are driving on a set of Mickey Thompson tires. The truck tire series is breed with the innovation of a stallion but delivers like a bull. The rugged tread design and lug patterns will master the terrain while advanced engineering concepts will deliver you upon the road in quiet and smooth comfort. From road to job site and the next rugged trail you desire to explore, they all can be mastered with the legend in tires, Mickey Thompson.

Strip Tires – With the s design of soft rubber compounds and technically engineered sidewalls, you will get a perfect green light start every time and deliver record breaking speeds down the track when you use racing tires. Their valuable drag strip reputation has left so many in the dust, all racers look to these to get the most out of there racer and perform with ultimate speed and precision. The racing concepts behind Thompson’s tires have built the legend of being the king of racing in the tire industry and a new series of street legal DOT approved racing tires are now available for your street rod. You can drive your racer to the track and still break the local track records when you fit your ride with Mickey Thompson tires.

Fuel Card Services

For any business owner, managing costs carefully is essential. From employees to daily out-goings; there are many money matters to consider if a business is to ensure it is able to keep its head firmly above water. For businesses with any form of travel be it deliveries and drop offs or staff members constantly moving between offices, you’ll no doubt be aware of just how difficult fuel costs can be to manage.

Many businesses will stress over where and how they can cut costs but often find themselves falling into a pit and simply giving up when it comes to fuel costs after-all they can’t possibly be cut can they? You need fuel so you might as well just accept that your company is going to forever have to deal with a mountain of receipts and a never-ending fuel charge… or is there something that you might actually be able to do about it?

For businesses of all shapes and sizes looking for a way to better manage and potentially lower the costs their drivers accumulate; fuel cards are the answer. Like a credit card but strictly for fuel, the right fuel card and the services on offer by independent companies can in fact make your life a whole lot easier.

Not sure what a fuel card and it’s services can do for your business? The below points will highlight a few of the basics that will be sure to get you running straight to your nearest fuel card specialist…

· Many fuel cards work in the style of an actual credit card, you simply allow your drivers to purchase fuel whilst you pay off the weekly invoice that you receive. In many cases you will often be allocated an account manager who can provide you with weekly fuel costs so that you know what to expect and even fixed rates so that you won’t have any unexpected surprises.

· Many companies often pay drivers by the mile but this fixed driving rate can end up costing a great deal. With fuel card management services you will be able to know exactly how much fuel is being used and how far a company is actually travelling via online reports. Online reports are one of the prime services that can help you easily deal with the burden of ongoing fuel costs. Easily accessed 24 hours a day, through online reports you will be able to see how much fuel each driver is using, what fuel is being purchased and at what station.

Affordable Car Parts Properly

If you have ever had a part on your car stop working then you know the importance of discount auto parts. Automobile parts and accessories are very expensive if you buy them from the dealership where you bought the car, but for people who do not have an extensive amount of automobile knowledge finding affordable car parts that will actually work on their automobile can be almost impossible.

The first rule about discount auto parts is the part must fit the car correctly. It is useless to you if you buy a gasket that is a quarter of an inch too big, or too small, to fit on your car. You have to find parts that are guaranteed to fit the make and model of car you drive.

You can look online for affordable car parts as long as you are armed with enough information to buy parts that are right for your car. Before you ever get on the internet and begin searching for suppliers of affordable car parts you need to gather the following information about the vehicle you drive.

• The make of vehicle
• The year model of the vehicle
• Does it have antilock brakes
• Is it front wheel drive, rear wheel drive, 2 wheel drive, or 4 wheel drive
• Is it fueled by gas or diesel
• Is the body style a 4 door, a coupe, a 2 door, a sedan, or a convertible
• Behind the name of the vehicle is there any numbers like Silverado XL
• What size engine does it have in it
• How many cylinders are in the engine? 4 cylinders, 6 cylinders, or 8 cylinders
• Does it have power steering
• Does it have an automatic transmission
• Does it have power doors or power windows

This information will allow you to select the most common parts your car might need. You will not want to look at the discount auto parts for sale online, but you need to compare the ones you find to see who is offering the best deal to you.

• Compare the prices that each seller is asking for the item
• Compare the shipping costs that each seller is asking for the item
• Compare the return policy from each seller
• Compare the guarantees on the item, and how long do you have to send the part back
• Does the website have 24 hour assistance if you need to speak to someone about the part you have purchased
• What forms of payment do they accept

A New Technology

Every few years someone claims that the world will be changed by a new technology. Sometimes they are right, and other times they’re wrong. This has lead many of us to believe that we have all placed too much faith in the technological revolution. Despite all our criticism, concerns and fears about anything new that involves a microchip, no one can deny that the world has changed for the better or worse thanks to high tech gadgetry and there is no end in sight. In most cases there is not an instant effect caused by new inventions. It takes time for people, industry and governments to adjust. During those periods of adjustment the technology has time to become refined and less expensive. Workers who lose their jobs to new technologies end up having to look for other types of employment. This is a cycle that people have experienced since the dawn of the industrial revolution, and now it is about to happen all over again in a huge way.

When cell phones came along most people thought of them as a new toy for the wealthy. Today, most people have one and for many the phone in their pocket is the only one they have. The instant upside is that we can easily stay in touch with our family, friends, employers or business contacts. More than just personal communication devices, smart phones now allow us to take care of many tasks that once required a PC to handle. The downside is that we can no longer hide from the world unless we simply do not answer our calls. Add to that the fact that we can easily become addicted to social media, texting, games and all kinds of online activities.

When the “mobile phone” revolution first started to explode a lot of investors and venture capitalists thought they would make a fortune investing in various schemes to buy or sell phones or air time. Most of those investments fell flat and ended up being loss leaders. That is why it is important to see what is coming, know when to make a purchase; or invest and how. Otherwise is it all too easy to become a victim of new technology. If you dout this just visit any garage sale or junk shop where you will find all sorts of technology that was supposed to go on for years and expand into more advanced versions. Good examples: Atari Game Systems, The Adam Computer, Game Boy, 8mm amd VHS Camcorders, Betamax and VHS Video Recorders/Players, Laser Disc Players, Cassette, 8 Track and Reel to Reel Tapes and Machines, Telex Machines, PDAs, Portable Televisions, LED Watches and Typewriters.

Factors to Consider

Technical advancement and use of machinery have changed the face of farming. Mechanization of manual processes not only improves the productivity but quality as well. Useful machines like tractor perform a plethora of activities making the life of farmers simple and hassle-free. A tractor brings power, perfection and precision to the work. It is sturdy and rugged. However, excessive usage and wear and tear cause damage to the internal mechanism. Maintenance of tractor parts is costly and time-consuming. Also, it causes a direct productivity loss. Hence, it is important that it is kept in order.

Nowadays, people prefer maintenance contract for tractors because it is cost-friendly. It offers economic viability and you are relieved from the trouble of searching a new service center now and then. Since replacement parts are costly, AMC can be a good solution if the tractor is old.

There are some critical aspects when you search for tractor parts

As mentioned earlier, a tractor is the lifeline for your business. Hence, replacement parts should also be of equally good quality. Farm vehicles need high power, stability, and pressure so that they can carry out heavy work. Always buy parts from a reputed dealer that is well-known for reliability and quality.

– Look at the after-sales support: It is important to buy good quality parts from a well-known dealer. However, it is not the only thing you should look about. Always consider after-sales support an important criterion. You should get warranty and guaranty on the parts. Usually, there is a replacement warranty for one year if there is any manufacturing defect found in the part.

– Branded parts are always preferred: You may find several unbranded (or less popular) brands claiming the same service quality and reliability. However, in the majority of cases they do not last long. Even if the cost looks attractive Prima Facie, you spend more money at the end of the day. Hence, go to a dealer that sales genuine spare parts of the same company. If the part is not a critical one, then only a compatible option should be tried.

– The supply chain is important: If there is no dealer in your locality or town, then also do not compromise on the brand. Go to the nearest locality or town where you find aftermarket parts. They have a better supply chain management and support system. Your local dealer may get it arranged for you, but he will not be responsible for after-sales service. An authorized dealer, on the other hand, is liable to offer service to the customers. Moreover, he has an effective supply chain management and can arrange the part from other places if he doesn’t stock it.

The Automobile Market of Bike Dealers

In recent years, Raipur has witnessed a lot of changes. The State Government has invested a lot of funds on infrastructure development in the state. This has primarily been focussed on building better roadways. A lot of this has been in Raipur to improve the navigation within the city. One of them has been Gaurav Path. This road which links Ghadi Chowk and Telibandha has been widened to a four lane. Construction is also going on for the Canal Linking Road which would join Pandri and the Airport. Construction for this road has been completed until Pandri to Telibandha. Construction is going on to widen the Raipur Bilaspur which is now a single lane highway. But despite all these things traffic congestion is on the rise in the city.

If you pass through the Ramsagar Para Road or the Malviya Road or the Pandri Lodhipara section or the Gudhiyari underbridge during the morning or evening peak hours you will experience a traffic congestion that is now becoming the hall mark of the city. So why is this happening? Well one of them is because of the fact that Raipur being the administrative as well as the economic capital of Chhattisgarh has been undergoing rapid changes. All this has resulted in a number of firms beginning to set up shops in Raipur. We now have an influx of people from other states who are coming in to this city looking for opportunities. In fact Raipur is well on its way to becoming a melting pot of cultures. Since becoming the Capital, the population of Raipur has doubled from nearly 7 lakhs to almost 14 lakhs now. Their disposable incomes have also increased significantly. But these are not the only factors. Let us now analyse two other factors.

One of them would be public transportation services. Or rather the lack of it. If you look at it Raipur city public transportation is mostly dependent on either Autos or then local buses. In fact the buses here in Raipur are too few to be even considered for public transportation. Autos are the de facto mode of public transport in Raipur. But then the prices here are not fixed and depends more on the mood of the driver. In addition to this there is the fact that these most of these vehicles finish their operations post 9 PM. Very few are on the roads post 10 PM. So you can’t really depend on these vehicles all the time.

All this has resulted in the growing need for private transportation. When it comes to owning your own personal vehicle both aspirations as well as need play a part. While in many cities it has been more of aspiration and less of need; in Raipur it has been the opposite. The need has resulted in the demand for vehicles designed for the masses while aspirations are resulting in the demand for high-end vehicles. A lot of families in Raipur own at least two vehicles; two bikes, bike and moped, Moped and car, bike and SUV, the list goes on. If you look at two wheeler; be it bikes or mopeds, Raipur already has a vibrant market for it. TVS, Yamaha, Honda, Mahindra, Hero, Bajaj, Suzuki. These brands which are all used by the masses all have bike showrooms. Even high-end models like Royal Enfield, KTM, Hyosung also have showrooms. In fact the high demand for Royal Enfield has resulted in it opening two showrooms in the city. It is a similar story for the SUV and Car showrooms. Maruti, Suzuki, Chevrolet, Hyundai, Toyota, Skoda, Ford, Tata, Mahindra, Fiat, Renault, Premier, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Datsun, Honda, Volkswagen all have SUV and Car Dealers in Raipur. Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Jaguar, Range Rover have SUV showroom in Raipur as well. The consumers in Raipur are now spoilt for choice. They now have the option to choose from a range of Cars, SUVs, Mopeds and bike. They also have enough disposable income to buy from these Authorised showrooms.

Study Shows That BMW Drivers

During my time as a marshal at a road racing event, the first thing we would tell drivers was that there ought to be ‘no hooning’. A hoon is someone who drives a car in an anti-social manner according to his society, and this includes but is not limited to practices such as over-speeding, disregarding traffic rules, intimidating other drivers and driving noisily or dangerously. There are even countries with special ‘anti-hoon laws’ such as Australia, where there is the Hoon Boating and Other Amendments Act 2009 of the State of Victoria, and a Bill passed in 2004 allows the Western Australia Police to impound cars whose drivers were found to engage in such practices. It is therefore clear that being a victim of hooning is such an abhorred experience by most motorists, and when VoucherCodesPro conducted a research of 2,837 U.K motorists, BMW drivers were pointed out to be the most aggressive, topping the list that also comprised drivers of Land Rovers, Audis, Subarus and Vauxhalls. In this case, blue BMW’s made the largest number followed by black ones. The research did not just focus on elements such as over-speeding and dangerous driving but also on who were the most and least likely motorists to indulge in road rage, and the findings were that men between ages 35-50 were most likely to be angry drivers while women between 17-25 years were the least likely to get upset.
In an interview, researcher Paul K. Piff of the Institute of Personality and Social Research at the University of California told New York Times that fancy cars were less likely to stop to allow pedestrians to pass, adding that BMW drivers were the worst. When Car Throttle, a British media platform for car enthusiasts conducted a similar research entailing 7,500 respondents, BMW drivers topped as the most disliked ones at 41%, followed by Audi at 13%, Honda at 10%, Mercedes at 6% and Toyota drawing with Ford at 4%. On the bottom side, Dodge, Subaru, Land Rover and Holden tied at 2%, with Volvo, Nissan, Peugeot, Jeep and Mazda finishing equally at 1%. Mitsubishi drivers emerged to be the most respected, coming in at 0%. This study is complemented by a 2008 campaign by Audi regarding the stereotypes behind Lexus, Mercedes, Audi and BMW, and it labelled BMW owners as “techno music lovers, inconsiderate and arrogant”.
So where is all this leading?

In 2012, former Top Gear presenter Richard Hammond said this of BMW after driving the F30 320d: “their cars are not about cutting edge, brand new technology, breaking new ground and pushing things further but about doing what’s already known and doing it extremely well.” I have personally been with a BMW M5 V10 alongside a Mercedes C63 AMG V8 and I can attest to Hammond’s statement. Are all these reports therefore simply inaccurate or overstated? Perhaps there could be a side to this that hasn’t been addressed. In 2011, Market Research World, a leader in consumer insight and research conducted a poll in which BMW owners claimed to prefer ‘a fast, punchy style of driving’.

Petrol Vs Diesel Engines

After covering an article on the volatility of petrol and how fuelling at different times of the day might cause you to receive less value for your money, I would like to clarify that the same does not happen to diesel because it is heavier and less volatile. Also, while petrol burns easily and thus produces more power and faster propulsion, diesel burns slower – actually it does not even burn at all. Not that petrol burns either: it is the vapour that burns, but when it comes to diesel it will not vaporize easily and even when it does the vapour still will not catch fire. Combustion occurs in a diesel engine only when the diesel is injected into hot compressed air, and the energy output in this case is more of toque rather than power. Yes – torque is the ‘might’ to move a mass of load while power, better off described as horsepower, is the force that moves a car from one point to another, fast.

Since diesel is heavier, more cumbersome to deal with and involves lots of pressure and tension, the engine running on it must be made of tough components to withstand these forces and the abuse that comes with neglect and poor servicing, especially because most owners of diesel-powered cars abuse them more than the owners of petrol-powered cars. This could be because most of them are commercial and heavy-duty cars and the owners don’t mind as long as they get the job done while the petrol-powered cars are for leisure and everyday use, but either way, diesel components are more resilient and thus more expensive but they also wear out faster due to the stress they undergo, and as a result they demand more frequent servicing than the components of petrol engines. That is true, but if you think that diesel-powered cars are slow, stink and produce fumes like a coal locomotive, Henry Ford is long dead and Bedford trucks are no longer in production – welcome to the 21st century.

Volkswagen engineers have been in the news lately about their flawed diesel software, but what I want to focus on is that these engineers of the world’s second best-selling automotive company are running their cars on diesel. Why would they if diesel was as awful as some have been made to believe? Mercedes too has diesel variant models that boast of as low as 5L/100 km on the combined cycle, while the Prius with all its fanfare does about 4.4L/100 km. Modern diesel-powered cars are clean, efficient, quiet and sometimes fast. Of these, the greatest attribute is efficiency. The Mercedes engine whose efficiency I mentioned above is the 2014 E350 CDI, a very powerful engine and its hybrid version will sip only 4.0L/100 km. Where does that leave the Prius? In a dumping area behind a Chinese restaurant.

Mercedes-Benz Edition E

Mercedes-Benz E-Class saloon launched before two decades to the car market. The E-Class luxurious sedan has successfully completed its journey of twenty years in the Indian car market. To commemorate the occasion, car maker launched its special edition christened as Edition E with some aesthetic features that truly reveals the reason which have played an incredible role for its successful existence in the car market. An interesting feature of this special edition is that in true sense it can be considered as replica of Make in India mission.

Alike the existing version of E-Class, this new car launched in India in both petrol and diesel variants with three engine options of E 200 petrol and, E 250 CDI and E 350 CDI diesel variants. The petrol variant E 200 is energized with a 2.0 litre engine churning out the power of 184 hp and torque of 300 Nm. The diesel variant E 250 CDI is packed with a 2.2 litre 4-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine boosting the power of 204 hp and torque of 500 Nm, while the top end variant E 350 CDI offered with a 3.0 litre V6 engine that develops the power of 265 hp and torque of 620 Nm. The ex-showroom prices of all these variants are Rs 48.60lakh, Rs. 50.76 lakh and Rs 60.61 lakh, respectively. All the engines are mated with 7-speed automatic transmission system.

Talking about the specifications, the new Edition E integrated with classy exteriors like new front grille, attractive character lines on the bonnet and side profile. Cabin of this car equipped with lots of luxury features including multifunctional steering wheel, automatic AC, memory seats and many others that are enough to make the drive comfortable.

The major attractions offered in this Mercedes-Benz Edition E are referred below:

Edition E badges
Adaptive LED headlamps
Illuminated three star logo on front grille
Tail lamps that flash at the time emergency brakes are applied
Active park assist system
360° Camera
Electric sunroof
Rear seat entertainment system and
14-speaker sound system.
It would be interested to know that with an objective to offer comfort and pleasant traveling experience to passengers, this luxurious saloon has been embellished with DIRECT CONTROL suspension system facilitating the passengers to experience comfort seating experience while travelling on damping roads. The shock absorbers have been integrated on the chassis to swallow the discomfort of rugged roads. With this car, the German auto manufacturer has paid appropriate attention towards the integration safety feature making this sedan a state-of-art. The safety measures offered include eight airbags, ABS, brake assist system, active parking system, acceleration skid control system and electronic stability program.